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 >We have limited space so the class size will be small

 >There is a limit of 2 persons maximum per business

 >A $20 deposit is required per person. This will be   refunded to attendees who attend the full session. A   Credit or Debit card will be required to register.

 >Food will be provided around the mid point of the   session

 >Part of the training will be outdoors so prepare for the   weather and pests

 >Bring your outdoor lighting questions!

 >Registration will close on September 24th at 6PM

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Training Agenda
Site Visit Check list
Why lighting?
What are you providing?
How are you doing this?
The Elements
    Wiring - Methods & Connections
    Light Sources
    Accessories - Stems, glare guards,
Lightning Protection
Primer on Color Changeable Lighting Systems



We feel strongly that by doing a good job of supporting contractors who work with our products the better the product is that they can deliver to THEIR customers.

This helps all involved parties.

-This helps us by creating a better name for our products.

-This helps contractors by allowing them to be more efficient at delivering a great custom product.

-This helps the customer by allowing them to receive a better than expected product and a contractor that has extended support capabilities when service or repairs are required.

Plus - we offer contractor pricing to contractors who support our trades.