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Natural ambiance 

There is no better way to appreciate the serenity of your garden than with the sights and sounds provided by rain, wind and fire.

Ancient Graffiti

Individually crafted with a copper finish, decorative rain chains cascade rain water, creating a peaceful and tranquil sound.

Music of the Spheres

Pleasing to the ear and the eye, our elegant wind chimes are handcrafted, one chime at a time.  They are precision tuned and provide enduring beauty in all seasons.

Real Flame

Enjoy the beauty of a dancing flame with clean-burning and convenient Real Flame Personal Fireplaces and Gel Fuel.



Browse our display of unique and beautiful outdoor accents and decor, as individual as you are.

Stone Age Creations

Carved granite birds, owls, and mushrooms would be as happy in your home as your garden.

Plain Quirky

Friendly and irresistible, handcrafted of recycled metals, our Plain Quirky critters just never stop smiling.  Dogs, birds, owls, frogs, dragonflies and even a great heron beg to "follow you home."

Unique Arts

Featuring beautiful handcrafted copper fountains and hose holders, stainless steel gazing balls and torches, as well as solar garden stone optics, stick lamps and rope lights.

Viz Glass

Brilliant hand-blown glass flowers and solar mushrooms brighten up your garden and are always in bloom.

HomeStone Imports

Impressive natural stone containers, suitable to be fitted as fountains or for use as pots, are handcrafted in Bali.

New England Pottery

We offer a great selection of pots and planters in many colors and styles, ranging from 5" to 17".



Add a finishing touch to your garden or landscaping with Garden Art to fit any style, from rustic country garden to formal landscape. Create an outdoor space that is not just a garden, but a charming retreat.


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