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Professional Landscape Lighting

in the Knoxville area

There is no other change that one can make to their property that effects the nighttime experience more than effective outdoor lighting.

The beauty of one's property can be truly enhanced by the addition of a conscientiously designed and installed outdoor lighting system. 

A professional system is designed to minimize shadows and glare. The two extremes of lighting level. 

The selection of high quality components such as brass, bronze and copper fixtures combined with guaranteed LED light sources and second to none wiring systems results in systems needing little in the way of ongoing maintenance. 

Light Sources

LED vs Halogen

Only a few years ago nearly every system we sold was specified with Halogen incandescent light sources. 

This was the state of evolution for low voltage, professional outdoor lighting systems. And not by chance. Halogen incandescent offered a wide variety of beam angle and light output (wattage). Efficiency of these systems reduced operating costs to about 1/3 that of a line voltage lighting system. And the light was a warm white that most of us were familiar with.

When LED light sources first came to market they offered lower operating costs (wattage) than Halogen. But, the color temperature was a very cool white (often with a blue tint), the light output was limited and reliability was hit or miss. 

In just a few short years LED light sources have light output that rivals all but the higher wattage Halogen units, have color temperatures that can be used side by side with Halogen with no discernible difference and have warranties to protect buyers from early failures.