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Pond Supplies in the

Knoxville Area

Moving water in a landscape changes the feel of a space from static to dynamic.

There is something about the sound of moving water that creates a sense of comfort. The minor sounds of activities around you are subdued and often cloaked by the sound of the moving water. 

Sound, unlike sight can be taken in even if one is not looking in the direction of the sound. It is encompassing and comforting. 

A thoughtfully created and positioned water feature can be enjoyed both outside and inside the home. 

Water Features


The options for custom water features are limitless.

Starting with simple found object, a drilled boulder or a decorative tall urn an effective water feature can be crafted into a one of a kind water feature. 

Prefabricated cast stone fountains can be custom finished to match your taste and home site style.

Custom made, large scale fountains may be formal, casual or anything in between to achieve the audio and visual effect you are looking for.

Pond free water falls and garden ponds integrate well into an existing landscape.

Water Features


We stock a wide selection of pumps and accessories for water features.

Filters, UL lights, wide selection of submersible LED lights in white and color changing styles.

Fish food, beneficial bacteria, chlorine neutralizing treatments, fish care products and algaecides.

Pond skimmers, filter falls, flexible piping, copper ion algae control systems.