Landscape Lighting in the Knoxville area

Our motto is that our business will grow from being "needs based, not greed based".


Here is some feedback from our customers:


" I love the LED lights!" Laurie

"... remarkable... thanks sooo much for all you have done for me." Tim

" ... thank you for your support and loving contribution ..."  2014 Relay

"My wife loves the new lighting system!" Tom

"The water fall looks great!" Alvin

"So, I don't need to buy a new pump? Great!" Charlie

Understanding the way water can change a space plus, marrying the water feature to the contour of the land results in a one of a kind custom water feature.

Experience, high quality components and expert installation techniques result in effective, efficient and reliable custom landscape lighting solutions.

Just Gardens SuppliesInc.

"Shorter days and pleasant temperatures makes evenings outside the best place to be"!

Autumn, a time to enjoy your outdoors ...

JGS is a company created out of the need for professional landscape lighting components, pond pumps and pond supplies in the Knoxville area.




water features


And upgrades

Alliance Outdoor Lighting Systems

- Cast Lighting Systems
- Wide Range of Lighting Transformers
- Astronomic Time Clocks
- Remote Wireless Control Systems 
- Marine Grade Direct Burial Wire
- Wire Connectors for Below Grade  
- Outdoor Lighting Design
- System Installation of Special Projects

- Complete LED lighting systems

- Water Garden and Pond Pumps

- Floating Lake Fountains and Aerators
- UV and Copper Ion Algae Controls
- Pond Care Products
- Ecological Labs MicrobeLift Products
- PondMAX Submersible LED Lighting
- Atlantic Water Gardens Components
- Custom Water Feature Design

- Installation of Special Projects

We stock professional low voltage fixtures in brass and bronze for both path and directional lighting for landscape lighting and architectural lighting systems. LED lighting retrofit modules for existing systems. A wide range of pumps and accessories for the water feature industry including fish safe water treatments, fish food and beneficial bacteria.

JGS Services and suppliers

Upgrading an existing lighting system to LED lighting or bringing a broken system back to life are part of what we do.




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